Santa Clara County Poet Laureate (2014-2016). Repeat guest on the NPR storytelling series, Snap Judgment. Author of the poetry collection, "Love in a Time of Robot Apocalypse" from Write Bloody Publishing.


David Perez

I majored in creative writing at the University of California at Santa Cruz, then again at Goddard Collage. A few months after graduation, I published my poetry manuscript "Love in a Time of Robot Apocalypse" with Write Bloody Publishing, available here.

I balance my job teaching English composition with personal creative work, which is generally some amalgamation of creative writing, videography and various methods of blurring the line between the two. I'm currently working with Content Magazine to produce a series of short films featuring Silicon Valley artists, which you can see here.

What I'm after—no matter what project or medium—is to tell old stories in new ways, to deactivate habitual ways of thinking, and to see the world in color again. If my work helps you do the same, I am grateful. 





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